Natural contraception! Balancing hormones! Sign me up!

I just finished reading a book that claims to do just that. Balance hormones and that there is a natural form on contraception.

I heard about this concept from another blogger and was intrigued, so I did some research, downloaded the book and read the whole thing in about 2 days!

The book is called Lunaception by Louise Lacey. She is a brilliant writer and I highly suggest checking it out. You can download it from her website for only $10! The book was originally published in 1974 and is out of print so it’s hard to find- but the information is still pretty current.  I printed it out because it is a scanned version of the book and not very easy to read on the computer.

Here is my little synopsis of the book:

She writes first about her personal journey and how the woman’s reproductive system works, and then she writes about how damaging modern medical birth control can be.

Two  things that really caught my attention were regarding side effects from oral contraceptives. Even though she says this information is somewhat out of date, it still registered with me.

She writes:

A three hundred percent increase,  among pill users, of  cervical dysplasia (cellular changes of the cervix, preliminarily considered to be malignant).


Androgenic steroids accumulate in the body of the pill user. This syndrome is associated with an increased risk of breast cancer and liver cancers.

She also discusses that there is a higher rate of gum disease, vitamin deficiencies, higher risk of vaginal infections- including gonorrhea, and a high risk of blood clots. All of this information was documented by the FDA. Maybe things have changed a little since the 70’s but I doubt it.

The cervical dysplasia really caught my attention because I actually had severe cervical dysplasia when I was in my mid twenties and had nasty complications from the “simple” procedure they performed to correct the dysplasia. I almost died, had to have a blood transfusion and ended up having to have a uterine emblization, which could affect the possibility of me getting pregnant and carrying to full term if I do. Never once was I told this could be from the birth control pills I was taking.

When I was in my late teens I tried the depo shot and from what I can remember I bled straight through for 3 whole months! I just remember thinking at that age, ‘No wonder this is birth control, who wants to have sex while you are bleeding all the time!”

Through my 20’s I did try about 7 or 8 different forms of the pill and they all made me feel like crap so I just gave up. Luckily, I have been in a long term relationship and we have always felt that if we get pregnant it was meant to be. We weren’t trying to have a baby and we weren’t trying not to either. I haven’t taken any form of birth control for over 10 years. From what I have read in this book, I am so glad that I haven’t had to rely on them. I know it’s not that simple for most people though.

After she discusses the different types of contraceptives- not just oral, and other forms of birth control she then moves on to discuss cycles and how the moon influences cycles, not only human but also in plants and animals. Not only connecting the moon with these cycles in a gravitational sense, but also the light of the moon. She talks about how farmers leave the lights on in chicken coops to improve egg production.

As I was reading, I kept thinking that this is all making perfect sense. Intuitively, I KNOW this is right.

She says that ancient cultures have ovulated at the full moon and menstruated at the new moon. Basically, get in line with nature and your body will do what it is supposed to do. Your hormone’s will balance naturally, you will know when you are fertile and you can either avoid sex or have at it, depending on your goal. You will know how to read your body’s rhythms.

I love how she puts this:

I wanted to find some way to put my body into balance with nature and gain intimacy with its function, wanted to break the dichotomy between known and felt knowledge, wanted to avoid conception without violating my body. Lunaception fulfills all those qualifications, and gives me much more besides.

She tested her theory out on 27 friends all of whom developed healthy menstrual cycles, avoided or conceived pregnancy’s and have had great success with Lunaception. And, most of these women noted decrease in PMS- who doesn’t want that?

She also mentions some doctors that were practicing with similar concepts as hers and having very good success as well.

This is all so fascinating to me.

So, how do you do it? Well, initially it takes some dedication, but it’s really very simple. You’ll have to get the book for the exact details, but basically you will be taking your temperature at the same time everyday and charting when you are ovulating (she tells you how) and sleeping in complete darkness except for about 3 days (when you should be ovulating). That’s about it, your body will naturally do the rest.

Oh, and sleeping in darkness isn’t just making sure there are no night lights or TV on, she means complete black out! So cover up every crack, put a towel over your alarm clock, put a towel under the door and make sure no one disturbs your sleep by turning on a light!

She does say that a red bulb will not disturb your sleep cycle. I will be putting a red bulb in our hall since Scott comes to bed so late.

And, don’t think you can just put on a sleeping mask because apparently our bodies can detect light even if our eyes can’t see it, thanks to our pineal gland.

She has details on how to graph the information you collect and how to read it. You will chart your temperature readings and any other information you want such as interest in sex, moods, physical activity so you can see if there are any other patterns in your cycle. All of this information will tell you when to avoid sex or when to have it.

All the while, connecting with nature, balancing hormones, making more melatonin and becoming less estrogen dominant. Sounds like the perfect system to me!

I am so excited to try this and see what happens. I am looking forward to becoming more in tune with my body and more connected with nature.

I will be posting periodically to update you on how it’s going.

First thing I need to do is get an accurate thermometer and completely black out our bedroom windows.

Wish me luck!

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