Scallops and veggie stir fry

I haven’t posted in 2 weeks! EEK! I have just been soooo busy!

Last weekend was Blake’s 14th birthday party so on my usual “blog” day I had a house full of teenagers. I was totally fooling myself when I thought I would be able to get work done with 6 teenagers hanging around!

I wanted to do a post about the desert I made for his party but that turned out to be a flop! I attempted to make an everything “free” banana cream pie. No gluten, no dairy, no eggs, no sugar, no cornstarch, no nothing that ussually goes into a banana cream pie- except for the bananas!!! I won’t even tell you how bad it was! Yuck is all I have to say!

Instead of forcing the poor kids to eat that gross concoction, I ended up breaking down and running to the grocery store at the last minute and picking up some GF cookies, Breyer’s Natural Ice Cream, strawberries, blueberries, bananas (since I used them all in the pie), and heavy cream so they could make sundays.

Blake made the choice to have a really small portion of the ice cream with lots of berries and cream- I was so proud of him for making a healthier choice. I wasn’t excited about the Breyer’s ice cream- it’s not organic and it still has sugar but it could have been a lot worse. I felt better serving a somewhat healthy treat and the kids didn’t seem to mind- I think it turned out ok!

So, lesson learned- always test recipes before the party or at least have a backup on hand!!

I should note that Blake is currently dairy free and he did get a little tummy ache from the ice cream. In a way that was ok, it confirmed his sensitivity to dairy. Now he knows that even cheating a little bit doesn’t feel good.

I have also been busy getting things set up on The Nourished Living Network! I am so excited to be a part of this amazing group of real food bloggers!! So, between working full time, the birthday party and getting stuff set up on the network I haven’t had much time to blog. Thank goodness I have the day off work today!!

Now, on the the good stuff!

Last weekend I made this Scallops and Veggie Stir Fry and it was seriously da domb!! The picture is from a previous time that I made it. I made a few changes from the original recipe, I eliminated the onions and added asparagus. The asparagus is what put it over the top in deliciousness!!

Picture is from a previous time that I made this without the asparagus… but trust me, the asparagus put it over the top DELISH!!

Scallops & Veggies Stir Fry


  • One pound of sea scallops (Big or small/ fresh or frozen)
  • Couple spears of asaparagus (about 1/2 pound)
  • Small container of shitake mushrooms (about 8 or 9 mushrooms)
  • Handful of pea pods (about a cup full)
  • Couple cloves of garlic- crushed (I used 4 big ones! Use your judgement on how garlicky you want it)
  • 1/2 tsp (or so) of fresh grated ginger
  • Coconut oil or butter for sauteeing the scallops
  • A little chicken stock (maybe 3-4 tbsp… depends on how much moisture the veggies have)

How to:

1. If you are using frozen scallops, follow the directions on package to thaw, usually you throw the bag in a bowl of cool water for about an hour. Once they are thawed pat them dry, you don’t want too much moisture in them.

2. While they are thawing wash and cut up all your veggies and set aside. I like to trim the ends off the pea pods, cut asparagus into 2″ pieces and cut the mushrooms into bit sized chunks.

3. Heat up a large skillet or wok with the oil on med high to high heat. Once heated carefully add the scallops, you don’t that hot oil to splash you! You need to cook scallops on high heat to brown them, they are delicate so watch them. They cook pretty fast, it should be only a couple minutes till they are done.

4. After they are cooked remove the scallops leaving the oil in the pan. Store them off to the side in a container where they will stay warm.

5. Add the crushed garlic and grated ginger and sautee for a minute, adding some stock if the pan is getting dry. Be careful not to burn the garlic and ginger, turn the heat down a little if needed. You can also add chopped onions if you want.

6. Add the cut up veggies and stir fry until they are cooked to your desired tenderness. You can add a little more stock if needed. The stock is what creates the sauce.

7. After the veggies are done, you can either mix the scallops back in and serve immediately or place the scallops on a plate and top with veggies.

This served my son and I one meal because it was soooo good- we just couldn’t leave any! I would think you could stretch it to 3 maybe 4 people depending on the serving size you want.

I am planning on making this again this week!! It was just so good and I have been craving it ever since I made it last weekend.

I hope you decide to try it soon! If you do, I would love to hear if you love it as much as my family does.

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11 Responses to Scallops and veggie stir fry

  1. vallagriffin says:

    I think I would serve the stir fry with rice to make it feed 3-4 more comfortably.

    How do you do “dairy free”, but still have cream and butter in your diet?

    • Linnae says:

      Christa! Rice would be a good addition. We are grain free so we can’t do rice right now and I thats why didn’t include it. But, if you can eat grains- go for it!!
      We are currently dairy free because of the whey, casein and lactose. Cream is pretty much just the fat and does not contain much (if any) milk proteins (casein) or whey, but does have lactose. We technically aren’t supposed to have cream on the GAPS diet because of the lactose- which is sugar and thats a no-no on GAPS. Cream is just sooo good and occasionally we splurge. 🙂 Also, the butter doesn’t seem to bother us but I do occasionally make Ghee which is clarified butter (the milk proteins are removed).

  2. Caroline Lunger says:

    this looks GREAT!…i wish i could have scallops ( im allergic) and snow peas (I’m sensitive).. but now you inspired me to make a stir fry with my favorite veggies *asparagus* and grass fed beef. have you ever tried coconut amino’s?

  3. Heather says:

    This looks great!! I am sharing it (& linking back) on my blog today ( Please let me know if that is not ok! 🙂

  4. I love scallops and I’ve found even people who are not fish crazy will usually enjoy them, with the asparagus this is a great Spring recipe. Please share this on my foodie friday party today.

    • Linnae says:

      Diane! I added it to your foodie friday party! Your lamb stew sounds great! I bet it could be easily adapted to be gluten free and GAPS legal! I love lamb- I think I just might have to try it!! 🙂

  5. Wow! Your recipe looks so good and easy. I’m putting it on my to-make list. Thanks for linking up at last week’s Allergy-Free Wednesdays. We hope you’ll share with us again this week.

    ~Michelle, AFW Hostess

    P.S. I feel your pain with not planning ahead on allergy-friendly foods and having to compensate with less desirable alternatives. I made a banana cream custard pie as an experiment last summer and it turned out beautifully (way better than I thought it would). Your post makes me want to make the pie again. Here is the link, if you’re interested. I’d love to know if you try it and how it turned out for you.

    • Linnae says:

      Your recipe looks divine! Currently we are grain & nut free so I might have to do some experimenting and substitute the oats and almond flour for coconut and see how it turns out. 🙂 I LOVE (and so does my son) anything banana cream!!
      I miss being able to eat the variety that we used to, but I keep hoping that with due diligence we will reverse the food sensitivities. I must say that I feel great and my son’s autism is non-existent so I feel its well worth cutting these foods out for a while.

  6. Thank you for your submission on Nourishing Treasures’ Make Your Own! Monday link-up.

    Check back later tonight when the new link-up is running to see if you were one of the top 3 featured posts! 🙂

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