The Garden- week one!

When we were looking to buy our house about 3 years ago, my number one requirement was adequate garden space- a large area with lots of sun!

I love gardening, plants and getting my hands dirty. 

I love the magic of growing our own food. 

I love watching the dirt when the first seedlings come up. 

I love the excitement of the first fruit/ vegetable on the vine. 

I love the satisfaction when I have a big harvest. 

I love the joy of giving home grown food to friends and family.

And I just love eating home grown food, nothing tastes better than freshly picked green beans on a hot summer day!

I just really love my garden.

It’s nothing spectacular to look at (at this stage anyway) but it’s functional and its big! That’s really all that matters.

I thought that I would bring you along for this summers garden journey and give you periodic updates. It’s fun to watch a garden grow, right?

This is week one. Not too much going on. The garden is tilled, the rows are constructed and the seeds are planted! Now we water and wait.

Notice the worn path around the garden? The dogs love doing laps!

Notice the worn path around the garden? The dogs love doing laps!

This year I am trying something different, so here’s what I planted- lots of green beans, cucumbers, zuchini, squash and peas and I will be planting tomatoes soon. There is also lettuce, spinach, kale, radishes and carrots. I will proabably do a few herbs too.  

Less variety and more volume than what I usually do. I want to put up as much as I can via canning, fermenting, freezing and drying. Pretty much everything else that I don’t grow myself I can get from the farmers market- like beets, cabbage, etc.

Here’s a few more pics (just for funsies):

Here are my cute little gnomes with the rock collection. These rocks are what we dug up in the soil when we were making the garden, they have been here for the last 3 years. I feel like they want to stay there and help the gnome’s keep watch. 😉

And  this is the adorable bird the boys got me for mother’s day! I just love her! She’e fun and whimsical!

And the sweet little frog rain gauge with another rock collection. In the background you can see the rhubarb I transplanted this year, so excited for that harvest next year!

So, that’s it for this week. I will keep you posted next week on the progress- hopefully stuff starts popping up!

Do you like to garden? If so, how are things coming along in your garden so far?

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3 Responses to The Garden- week one!

  1. wifeysimmons says:

    I love your garden! Looks great! Really enjoying all the updates from you recently! I also just aquired a fermenting jar – I’m excited to see what you make in yours. Please post about it!!

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