Garden- Week 3!

Wee!!! The garden is really getting going now!

As you will see, I’m a bit of a lazy gardener and I’m not hard core by any means. There are lots of weeds and I don’t do a lot of things by the book, I usually just wing it. Seems to work out ok. I know if I followed all the rules I would have better yields and whatnot but who has time to do all that research? I’m a live and learn gardener!

Here’s this weeks progress.

The beans are about 8″ tall now! Woot! (There is Ms. Ava running her laps around the garden.)

I’m a little bummed. I have been meaning to put in a drip irrigation hose system and haven’t done that yet- this is a problem now that the plants have sprouted. Yesterday when I got home from work I needed to water the garden (I forgot to do it in the morning before work) and I ran the sprinkler… bummer is that the sun was shinning nice and bright so some of the plants got a little sunburned. (Sorry babies!)

The lettuce and spinach are doing good. I’m a little worried because I was way late in planting lettuce, but I figured I’d give it a go anyway. So far so good. It’s gonna be hot soon though- so I guess we’ll see. I got a couple varieties and one or two of them are good in hot weather- fingers crossed!

There’s already a tomato on this plant!! Yay!

The squash is coming along nicely! I really need to thin out my plants!! Haven’t done that yet. Definitely have to do that this weekend.

I love it when the peas start their climb!

This is my weed patch. I planted dandelion seeds a while ago and not much happened. So, I didn’t weed out the grass and now I have a grassy patch of dandelions. I’m gonna have to tackle that grass soon.

the weed bed

I also planted some nettles and I have one plant that is starting to flower and a bunch of babies that just came in. I have never planted or harvested nettles before, this is going to be interesting! I am not sure if I want the seeds to spread so in the next few days I need to figure out if I should pull these flowers before they go to seed- I do NOT want nettles all over my yard! If you know about nettles please comment and let me know. (I should have figured this out before I planted them!! Like I said I’m a live and learn gardener!)


I’m pretty sure these are baby nettle plants coming up… man I need to weed that grass out!

Baby Nettles- I think??

That sounds so funny, “I need to weed the grass out of my stinging nettle patch!” Kind of ironic.

Lemon Thyme

And finally here is some lemon thyme that I planted last year. I just love thyme.

So, that’s it for week three. Last weeks goal of getting some straw didn’t happen, its so hard to find straw this year. I’m gonna keep watching Craig’s List and hopefully find some soon- the weeds are starting to take over.

This week I for sure have to get the drip irrigation hoses in and find some straw! Oh and weed the grass out of my weed patch... ugh, I mean dandelion and nettle patch! 😉

How’s your garden coming along?

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9 Responses to Garden- Week 3!

  1. I’m a live and learn gardener too. I figure nature has it pretty sussed already, I’m just there to lend a helping hand from time to time. And I figure it’s worth the time saved to not go overboard, even if that means I get lesser yields.

    Your garden looks gorgeous. I love watching new plants come up. They really are little babies – so cute.

  2. IT’s lovely to see it coming along. Sorry I know nothing about nettle. I’ll keep reading and learn it from you as you go 😉

  3. Oh I love your garden. You are so lucky. I have mine fenced in like Fort Knox and still the critters find their way in. It’s too hot here in Arizona to grow much more than sunflowers, okra and melons, our best growing season begins in September. I’m going to try to put in a garden this year, the last two years I just didn’t have the energy to fight with the critters. I’ve been thinking I need to prepare a second garden area since it seems like it does take them at least one season to find the garden beds so if I switch up every year maybe I could keep more of the produce for us. I usually do a form of square foot gardening, but that doesn’t work out so well when you have critters that decide they want to feed themselves and their kin on the plants I calculated would feed me and my kin! 😉

    • Linnae says:

      Those darn critters! The first year we had a ton of bunnies but now we have 2 dogs so they dont come around much! I hope that your are able to give it a go again. There are some natural things you can do to keep the critters out depending on what it is thats eating your stuff. 🙂

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  6. Linnae, I’m just catching up on your garden, but I couldn’t see any baby nettles in that one picture- just some crab grass, mint?, clover or what I call “sheep shank” and maybe another stray herb (like oregano or savory). Whatever happened? Did you grow nettles? I have “progressed” from just letting the dandelions and nettles and purslane grow to planting it in strategic places myself. I also usually grow quite the crop of milkweed for the butterflies!

    • Linnae says:

      I actually just “weeded” all the grass and stuff that I didn’t want in my nettle patch and there are only a handfulof baby ones. I am pretty sure they are nettles because they look exactly like the larger plant that I am 99% sure was a nettle plant (and sadly my dogs ran over and destroyed it last night) and they have spikes all over the stems. I am going to take a pic this weekend of the babies now that you can actually see them!! I would love an opinion. Also, I am very dissappointed because none of the dandelion seeds that I planted came up. I was anxiously awaiting them and never weeded that area becaue I wanted to be sure I didn’t pull the wrong things. Oh well- live and learn!! I am new at gardening weeds and I love the learning experience!

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