Garden- Week 5

Wow! This week is really starting to show some progress in the garden!

We have had a ton of rain and the plants are clearly loving it!


I made a netting out of twine so that the plants can climb.

Beans! Beans! Beans!!

Uh oh- I bet these were packaged wrong!!! These were supposed to be bush beans… they are looking like pole beans to me! I am going to have to get creative when they get bigger, last year my pole beans got up to about 10 feet high and that is not going to work in this spot…

Yay peas!  This variety is a bush style,  I am trying them for the first time this year. I also have the pole style too. This is a test to see which I like better. Again, homemade netting so they can climb!

Baby zucchini!!

Roma tomato!

Heirloom stripey tomatoes!

Zucchini showing some nasturtium love!

You can check out the last 4 weeks to see the progress:

Tell me about your garden!!

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2 Responses to Garden- Week 5

  1. Gosh that is beautiful. And so well weeded compared to mine right now. I need to use more straw!

    • Linnae says:

      LOL! I love that you think its well weeded!! If I got the pics closer you would see that its sooo not!! 😉 But yes the straw helps soooo much! A trick I learned years ago is to lay out layers of newspaper under the straw that helps keep some of the weeds down too- and is good mulch!

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