Our trip to William O’Brien State Park

We took a day trip to a William O’Brien state park yesterday. The weather was perfect! It was sunny all day, barely a cloud in the sky. The temp. was around 80 and there was a gentle, cool breeze. It really was the perfect day for a hike.

We saw a bunch of frogs!

This little guy was smaller than a penny, we almost stepped on him but thanks to Blake’s keen eyes we didn’t.

We saw a lot of wild flowers and “weeds”.

This orange one is called Butterfly Weed. Its so pretty and vibrant!

The park is mostly wetlands and prairie. We hiked for about 3 hours and covered just over 6 miles.

This is a view when we got to the high point of the trail.

Beaver dam!!

There is a railroad that runs through the park, this is a tunnel that is underneath.

It was an amazing day and it felt so good to be out in nature!!

At only an hour from our house, we will be making this trip to hike more often. The park was beautiful and they have picnic areas, a swimming beach and even camping! Next time I think we will get out canoeing on the river and maybe do a geo cache!

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