Garden- Week 6

I just love the momentum the garden is gaining right now. 🙂

Here are some pics I snapped quick tonight.

The peas are full of flowers, I am sure I will be picking peas by next weekend! I was a bit worried that they wouldn’t do well since I started them a little late and we have had such warm weather, but they seem to be doing just fine.

Some of the cucumber plants are starting to flower!

The zucchini are starting to form!!

I cannot wait until these tomatoes are ripe!! All of my tomato plants have tons of flowers. Just a couple more weeks now.

The carrots are coming along nicely!

Here is my fix for the green beans that were supposed to be bush beans but are turning out to be pole beans!! Scott found this old room divider that’s missing the fabric panels that I have hung on to for years because I just knew that someday I would need it!! It finally came in handy. I just stung some of my trusty twine and now the beans can climb!!

And I just couldn’t resist psoting this cute pic Scott took of the dogs. 🙂

Happy gardening!!

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