Quick Trip to E.C.!

Hey everyone! Sorry I didn’t do a link love this weekend, I took a trip to Wisconsin to see my sister and I have been crazy busy with the garden so the blog hasn’t got as much attention as I would like.

I am excited to tell you about my trip to Wisconsin though!

I am glad I live close enough to my sister to be able to swing out to her place for an overnight stay, she’s only 2 hours away! I had a great time visiting her and sight seeing the adorable city of Eau Claire.

Photo credit: media-cdn

We hit up their sunday farmers market and since you know how I love farmers markets- I just had to go to see how other cities do it!! It wasn’t as big as I am used to but Saturday is their big farmers market day and sunday is just a small one-and of course I was there on a Sunday! The picture above is one I found of their Saturday market- looks pretty nice, huh?!

So the Sunday one was at a grocery store parking lot. There was plenty of variety, the prices were good and the farmers were friendly and willing to talk. I wasn’t disappointed at all!

I think my favorite part of the farmers market was that I met a really cool farmer who is doing great things and practicing sustainable agriculture! Their farm, Together Farms is located in Mondori, WI which is about 30 min south of Eau Claire. If you are in the area I totally recommend checking them out.  They offer lots of meat products duck and chicken eggs along with lamb, chicken, beef and pork. All the animals are humanely and sustainably raised and they have amazing prices! I am sooo excited to have found them!!

From Together Farms, I picked up some fat to render into lard (15lbs!!!), chicken feet, hot dogs and some other goodies. I was excited to find that they use honey in their hot dogs instead of sugar- for us GAPsters  that is an awesome find! I tried the hot dogs already and and they are delicious!

I am hoping to be able to do a farm tour soon and hopefully make it their pig roast in October- that just sounds like so much fun!!

After the farmers market we went to the first annual train show, which was really neat, and then we walked through downtown Eau Claire to check out the Sculpture Tour. The city is small enough that it only took us about 20-30 minutes walking leisurely to get from one end to the other. I love that they still have the small town mentality too- some of the shops weren’t open because it was Sunday!

photo credit: wqow world now

Luckily, there were a few shops that were open though. There was a cute Beatles memorabilia shop, When I’m 64, that I just fell in love with (I LOVE the Beatles)! I am a true hippie at heart and I have always felt I was born in the wrong era! I wish I could have stayed there all day!

We also hit up another shop that I don’t remember the name of but the whole shop features only local artists’ work. There was everything from paintings to jewelry to clothing to abstract art. It was amazing to see what people are creating. I could have spent a ton of money there, its a good thing I didn’t have my wallet!!

After the downtown tour we pretty much did food stuff at my sisters house for the rest of day. I showed her how to make fermented kraut and pickles (I can’t wait to see how she likes them) and she showed me how to make her delicious rhubarb vinaigrette that I LOVE!!

It was a great trip even if it was only 24 hours! I got to do all the fun stuff that I love- food, farmers market and sight seeing and spend some quality time with my sis and brother-in-law! I just wish I would have snapped some photos!!

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